Organizational level

3.1 Do strategic documents of the institution include the importance of creativity
3.2 How important is creativity in your institution?
3.3 Has there ever been a creativity audit in your organization
3.4 What was the result of the conducted audit
3.5 Does the institution support its employees in developing their creative thinking and creativity
3.6 Does the institution identify potential sources of development of its innovativeness?
3.7 Are there channels in the organization which make it possible to use the creative potential of members at each level?
3.8 Does the organization have creativity issues integrated into the curriculum/policy?
3.9 Is the organizational culture aimed at developing creativity and lowering barriers for its development created in the institution
3.10 Which of the creativity techniques are used in the organization’s operational practice
3.11 Are employees motivated to be creative
3.12 Is creativity appreciated by the organization
3.13 What level of sense of security is perceived by employees
3.14 Are there any communication barriers in your organization due to poor internal communication
3.15 Are the employees of your organization free to express their opinions about the organization’s functioning