IO2-innCREA Guideline

innCREA Guideline will show how to implement new creative techniques (diagnosis, analysis, method selection) to work with students individually and in groups as well as in other organisations such as companies. It will also describe new techniques that will be developed under this project. This will allow for the implementation at the university of additional programmes to teach soft skills desired in the labour market. Based on the experience gained from business, the developed innCREA methodology will be universal as it can be implemented at universities, companies and other institutions that require creative work from their employees.

This methodology is not only targeted at university departments, but also at SMEs, R&D organisations, vocational training institutes, business associations and other interested parties. The material is directed at academic staff and lecturers as well as people who do not have overall knowledge of the many-faceted elements of creativity and pioneering as a part of innovation management but who wish or indeed need, to know more about it. Therefore, we also address students or continuing professional development trainees who might use it as “a guide” for creativity and pioneering management related subjects. Business consultants might wish to use it as an additional tool to support their clients or to give them a general understanding of creativity and pioneering as a part of innovation management issues.
Benefits upon development of this output:

  • creativity and pioneering programs will become functional,
  • WSA, LUISS, VAMK will have the necessary framework to start such initiatives,
  • other HEIs will have a ready to use step-by-step methodology how to implement such program and real working examples,
  • it will be a linking tool for education and business.