Creativity & Pioneering Training Programme Package

The innCREA Creativity & Pioneering Training Programme Package will be e-learning training material, aimed at academic staff – professors, associate professors, assistants, and other academic support staff.
Having completed the course, HE staff will be aware of which soft skills they should promote and develop in students:

  • how to develop them using new creativity and pioneering technique;
  • how to adjust technique to the level of competence of students;
  • how to raise awareness among students on the importance of these skills for personal success and development in the nowadays and future dynamic labour market.

Benefits from the integration of the course within universities:

  • will boost academic staff’s qualification;
  • will boost students soft skills, sought by the contemporary EU labour market;
  • will proactively promote the soft skills, required by the future labour market;
  • will enrich university courses in different disciplines with integration of practical elements (exercises) using the innCREA Creativity & Pioneering Training Programme Package
  • creation and innovation training packages and guideline,
  • promoting students’ soft skills;

will contribute to diminishing the gap between graduates’ skills portfolio and that of the contemporary labour market.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Individual Level

Chapter 3
Team Level

Chapter 4
Leadership Level

Chapter 5
Organizational Level

Chapter 6
Beyond Creativity